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To ensure all legal and REWE Group’s quality standards, REWE Far East has established a quality department for all products purchased by the REWE Group. As the EU and Germany are increasing their safety and quality requirements, our quality experts are working in close cooperation with the merchandising teams in all our offices to guarantee that all our products meet these high safety requirements and also marketable requirements of the end customers regarding electrical and mechanical danger, fire and heat, chemical contents and radiation. As a service provider on site, we not only check our products for safety, but we are also in constant contact with buyers and manufacturers and make the claim to steadily improve our products. For instance, all electrical devices with power plugs, which we distribute as RFE, correspond to the German quality seal (GS). Additionally, we always strive to provide the best performance for our products and to add value for customers.


Therefore, the main task of the technical experts is the assessment of European legal requirements and the REWE Group’s quality requirements of all products before their journey to Europe can begin. The assessment includes the evaluation of all products, the control of technical reports and documentation, coordination of the product testing and the factory inspections by our service providers and ourselves.


In REWE terms, good product quality does not stop by simply fulfilling legal requirements. Therefore, the REWE Group sets higher quality standards on purchased products. We do this in order to keep up with customer needs and demands in the European and especially the German market.


Besides the evaluation of test reports and product checks provided by the suppliers and assigned test institutes, our field technicians provide on-site support to factory personnel before and during production. These quality field-experts provide technical support by explaining the REWE Group quality requirements and processes to factory personnel to ensure that suppliers understand and fulfil its customer’s quality needs.



REWE Group’s premium products


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REWE Far East develops premium quality products in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland. The result of this cooperation, the TÜV Exclusive Signet (TES), is REWE’s owned high-quality label. By ensuring additional tests, REWE Group sets new yardsticks to the benefit of our customers. Our REWE premium products pass through a set of quality requirements like usability, durability, safety, chemicals, packaging waste, functionality and quality.