REWE Group


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The Business Segments of REWE Group in Retail


The cooperative REWE Group is one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. With its operations in 19 European countries, the company is a companion in the lives of its customers. No matter whether they are buying or ordering food, taking care of their DIY and gardening needs or booking their next trip: REWE Group works to fulfil their individual wishes and needs each and every day.

The foundation for this business mission was laid in 1927. Seventeen purchasing cooperatives got together to form the “Revisionsverband der Westkaufgenossenschaften”, or REWE. Their goal was to jointly organise the purchase of food. Today, 90 years after the company’s establishment, the cooperative foundation remains firmly in place. The company is defined by such values as solidarity, collaboration and unity as well as the principles of sustainability.


Strong Sales Formats in Germany


Diverse, modern sales formats and brands have been brought together under REWE Group’s umbrella. Focusing ever more intensely on their customers, these formats turn shopping into an experience – both in stationary stores and online.

In the food retail business in Germany, REWE Group operates supermarkets with fresh foods and items customers need each day (REWE, REWE CITY, nahkauf), large consumer stores with wide product ranges (REWE CENTER) and discounters (PENNY) that are known for their inexpensive ranges. This line-up also includes organic stores (TEMMA), innovative convenience stores (REWE To Go) and the gastronomic concept “Oh Angie!”. REWE Group is active in e-commerce with its delivery service as well (REWE-Lieferservice).

The digital transformation of REWE Group and its units is being successfully carried out by the REWE subsidiary REWE Digital, which is also bundling all omnichannel projects like Zoo Royal and Weinfreunde.

With its shop-in-shop concepts at petrol stations, REWE Group is applying formats like “REWE To Go” at Aral in Germany.

Specialist stores and production operations are also part of the format portfolio. In Germany, REWE Group operates service-focused DIY stores (toom Baumarkt) and DIY stores for the price-sensitive do-it-yourselfers (B1 Discount Baumarkt). The bakery Glocken Bäckerei and quality butcher Wilhelm Brandenburg make high-quality store-brand products for REWE and PENNY stores.

Internationally Successful, too REWE Group also operates grocery stores in 11 European countries outside its domestic market.

REWE Group generates nearly 30 per cent of its total external revenue outside Germany. Austria is the company’s biggest international generator of revenue. There, REWE Group is the market leader in food retail with its BILLA supermarkets, MERKUR consumer stores and PENNY discount stores. The portfolio is rounded out by BIPA drug stores and the stores of independent ADEG retailers.

REWE Group operates stores in the following countries as well: BILLA in Bulgaria, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine; PENNY in Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary and BIPA in Croatia.

REWE Group is also active with shop-in-shop concepts at petrol stations in other European countries. In Austria, it operates “MERKUR inside” at BP and “BILLA stop&shop” at JET. In the Czech Republic, it operates “BILLA stop&shop” at Shell.


European Network of Experts


DER Touristik Group makes its customers’ individual travel dreams come true.

Travel and tourism is the second core business conducted by REWE Group in addition to trade. A total of 7.1 million customers from 14 European countries use the tour operators of DER Touristik Group each year to travel to 179 destination countries around the world.


The umbrella brand DER Touristik Group comprises the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen and Travelix as well as Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen, ADAC Reisen, Kuoni, Helvetic Tours, Apollo and Exim Tours along with the business travel unit FCM Travel Solutions and more than 2,400 travel agencies (including DER Reisebüro, DERPART and Kuoni), the hotel chains lti, Club Calimera, Cooee, PrimaSol and Playitas Resort as well as the direct operator

A customer can book a trip that meets his or her individual needs either online (through, for instance) or in a stationary travel agency. With its own stores and the collaboration systems of DER Reisebüro, Derpart and DER Touristik-Partner-Service, the travel agency sales operation of DER Touristik forms the largest sales network in the industry and is the market leader in Germany.