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Extract of the Non Food Packaging Guidelines_Sep-2021_English.pdf [download]
Extract of the Non Food Packaging Guidelines_Sep-2021_Chinese.pdf [download]
Item Data Sheet.xlsx [download]
Declaration of Identity.docx [download]
Quotation Sheet Hardgoods v1.0.xls [download]
Quotation Sheet Hardgoods v1.0.xlsx [download]
RFE Quotation Sheet – Food  V1.0.xls [download]
RFE Quotation Sheet – Non Food V2-15.xls [download]
RFE Quotation Sheet – Cannery and Other Items.xls [download]
RFE QuotationSheet – Frozen.xls [download]
Vendor Profile Food v1.xlsm [download]
Vendor Profile Non Food v2.xlsm [download]
REWE Group Non Food Packaging Guideline.pdf [download]
Doc LFGB(s).zip [download]
Inspection Booking Form(s).zip [download]
Declaration of Identity.doc [download]
REWE Group Supplier Declaration_DE_EN.pdf [download]
Supplier Starter Kit_V2.6.pdf [download]
Extended Packing List V9.xlsx [download]
Supply Chain Manual (Valid from ETD 1 Sep 2023).pdf [download]

Sustainability requirement for Suppliers

The following is a link to Sustainability requirements for Suppliers: