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REWE Group is present on the German and European market

REWE Group Retail Brands

REWE Group is present on the German and European market with its manifold offers. REWE Far East purchases predominantly for the German retail brands of REWE Group: REWE, PENNY discount stores, toom Baumarkt DIY stores and toom consumer-market.

REWE: One Store, All Possibilities


Healthful, high-quality products day after day – this is what customers find at REWE. Regular REWE stores serve customers with approximately 13,000 items on a sales area of 1,000 square metres to 2,500 square metres. With its REWE store brands, REWE offers the highest-quality products even under its brand name. In addition to “regular” REWE stores, the company operates REWE CITY, REWE CENTER and nahkauf stores, REWE to go, TEMMA and the possibility of ordering food on the Internet at REWE Lieferservice.



REWE CITY is the company’s response to smaller households and new shopping patterns seen in downtown stores. REWE CITY serves its customers on a sales area of 300 square metres to 1,000 square metres. The product range comprises up to 9,000 items with a high share of convenience and organic items.



REWE CENTER enables customers to experience enjoyment. The consumer market combines a huge selection of food with an innovative design concept. The result is a special shopping experience. Large service counters and attractive non-food ranges round out the variety of offers. On a sales area of 2,500 square metres to 4,000 square metres, REWE CENTER offers around 30,000 items. In addition, the format includes hyperstores with more than 8,000 square metres, 40,000 items, integrated gastronomy and special services.



The portfolio of REWE also features around 60 toom beverage specialty stores throughout Germany offering up to 700 different types of drinks.



The convenience concept REWE to go acts as an alternative to fast-food franchises, snack bars and bakeries, and offers a large variety of ready-to-eat fresh products. The modern format for highly frequented locations is well suited for snacking on-the-go while shopping or during lunch breaks. It offers 1,000 to 3,000 items on a sales area of 50 square metres to 250 square metres.



REWE online enables customers to do their shopping on the Internet – with only a few mouse clicks. The selection comprises more than 8,000 different items. REWE is the first food retailer in Germany to combine an online shop with a pickup and delivery service.


PENNY Customer-focused and Innovative

High-quality products, customer-focused ranges and favourable prices at all times – customers can quickly and comfortably buy everything they need each day at PENNY. The discount store attracts customers with its large range of fresh items, its continuously low prices for branded products and store brands, and its attractive special offers. “Erstmal zu Penny” (Penny first): This is the slogan of the discount store in Germany. The approximately 2,200 PENNY stores have a sales area of 500 square metres to 800 square metres. Easy accessibility, long business hours – sometimes even until 10 p.m. – and an innovative range of ready-to-eat convenience products provide customers with the highest level of flexibility and comfort in a discount

toom Baumarkt DIY Store: Expert Services for Home Craftspeople

Do-it-yourselfers will find everything they need involving construction, technology and design at the DIY stores of toom. On a sales area of up to 11,000 square metres, customers find everything they covet for their do-it-yourself projects – from the initial idea to its realisation. Many stores also have contemporary garden and plant departments. In 2011, toom Baumarkt DIY store introduced the “toom” quality brand for its storebrand products.

Further Retail Brands of REWE Group

Beside the German retail brands, for which REWE Far East makes purchases, the REWE Group portfolio also features other sales brands:

nahkauf: REWE’s Local Supplier

The small nahkauf stores feature a regional selection of products and personal sales advice by the individual retailer. The approximately 900 stores have a sales area of 300 square metres to 1,300 square metres each and can be found in both rural and city locations.

TEMMA: Organic Foods in the Marketplace

TEMMA is the organic neighbourhood store where customers can not only buy natural foods, but also try and enjoy them. On an average sales area of 800 square metres, both regional products and specialties from all parts of the world are presented.

B1 Discount Baumarkt DIY Store: For the Price-Conscious

With around 12,500 items, the B1 Discount Baumarkt DIY stores cover almost every need of traditional DIY product ranges for price-conscious home and professional craftspeople. The assortments consist of both branded products and inexpensive store-brand items.

In Europe

BILLA Austria’s Leading Supermarket

The number one supermarket in Austria stands for a broad selection of products with a large delicatessen department, a wide variety of fresh foods and a focus on Austrian products. BILLA and Austria are linked by a unique success story: As a pioneer in the Austrian food retail sector, BILLA provides foods and products at fair prices everyday.


BILLA in Seven CEE Countries

With the BILLA supermarket format, REWE Group is also represented in the serven central and eastern European countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. ,,,,,,,,

MERKUR: The Experience Store

With around 130 stores, MERKUR is among the most popular and successful consumer markets in Austria. The success formula involves offering a large variety of high-quality products under one roof. Thanks to this approach, MERKUR creates a marketplace and an experience-filled store that make shopping

ADEG: The Local Supplier in Rural Austrian Areas

ADEG is a trading company for independent retailers in Austria. With their 400 locations, these retailers play a major role in local supply and succeed as a result of their customer and regional focus.

BIPA: Stylish and Colourful

BIPA is the inexpensive trendsetter for beauty & home care. Customers can slip into a world of beauty and personal care at around 600 shops in Austria. BIPA also operates an online shop. The approximately 50 stores in Croatia offer plenty of space for shopping experiences.,

PENNY: Country-Specific Discount Store

PENNY is also very successful abroad. In addition to Germany, the discount store is also represented in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria. In each place, the company operates as a national discount store that offers country-specific ranges. In total, PENNY is operating 1,347 branches abroad, In Hungary, the company is the number 2 in the market, whereas in the Czech Republic and in Romania, it is the market leader. In Romania, PENNY Market is also represented by the discount concept XXL-Mega Discount, with a sales area of up to 2,400 square meters. , ,,,,

IKI: Supermarkets in Lithuania

Since 2008, REWE Group has held an interest in the Baltic trading group IKI. IKI is operating the most extensive branch network in Lithuania, offering a special shopping experience. The stores have their own bakeries, a large gourmet production and their own fish processing, guaranteeing freshness everyday.

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