REWE Group Hintbox goes live

REWE Group Hintbox


REWE Group Hintbox v1

If there is a suspicion that internal guidelines are being violated in a company or even that a criminal act has been committed, those responsible depend on such suspicions being reported. Such compliance tips can now also easily be submitted digitally at REWE Group.


Misconduct on the job – especially in connection with bribery – can cause great harm not only to a company and its employees, but to society as a whole. Employees and third parties who point out misconduct are often referred to as whistleblowers in international terminology. By submitting compliance reports, they demonstrate courage and integrity. Companies have a duty to protect them appropriately. Whistleblowers must not suffer any disadvantages as a result of providing compliance information.


REWE Group introduces digital reporting platform

At REWE Group, it was previously possible to report compliance violations by e-mail, telephone or letter. As a modern group of companies that relies on innovative solutions, REWE Group has established a digital reporting channel: With REWE Group Hintbox, it is now particularly easy to submit compliance tips – anonymously if desired. In addition, the new tool enables smooth, data protection-compliant communication between whistleblowers and the responsible compliance departments of REWE Group. Persons who wish to submit compliance tips without using the digital tool can also contact the REWE Group ombudsperson.


The REWE Group Hintbox will be available to both employees and external parties in German, English and a variety of other languages via the Internet. Information on the new platform has also been added to the REWE Group Code of Conduct.
REWE Group explicitly encourages employees and external parties to report misconduct. In this way, you actively take action against injustice and protect both employees and the entire company from harm.


To open REWE Group Hintbox just scan the following QR-Code:

REWE Group Hintbox QR-code