General Strategy

Acting for a Better Life

General Strategy

Sustainability at REWE Group

Acting for a Better Life


Responsible action based on a sense of community is a key feature of the corporate culture at the cooperatively organised REWE Group. REWE Group believes one thing: It will be able to continue growing in the long term only if it conserves resources, treats employees and partners in a fair, trusting manner, and contributes to society. In 2008, REWE Group set up a group-wide sustainability management system based on four pillars: “Green Products”, “Energy, Climate and the Environment”, “Employees” and “Social Involvement”. The company has also incorporated sustainability into its mission statement.


Green Products

REWE Group ensures that its customers get safe products and services that have the best

quality. The company believes that quality extends beyond a product’s primary characteristics

and includes environmental and social factors. Thus, the aim is to develop and offer more sustainable

products. Furthermore, the company aims at using its products in a manner that will increase consumers’ environmental and social consciousness, and promote more sustainable consumption.


Energy, Climate and the Environment

The impact of global warming can be seen in the news almost every day. REWE Group is acting today with tomorrow in mind by improving the energy efficiency of its stores, travel agencies, warehouses and administrative locations; by lowering emissions; and by conserving resources. An organisation-wide energy-efficiency management system analyses weak spots, produces tailored solutions and monitors their effectiveness. By taking this approach, REWE Group plays an active part in climate and environmental protection – for increased quality of life today and in the future.



Qualified and dedicated employees are vital for a company’s success. The company’s commitment to its employees is not only a social obligation, but also an investment in the future. Through a wide range of human resources development opportunities, employees are supported in their education and training programmes. As part of life-phase-oriented personnel policy, the fulfillment of personal goals and values of employees has a high priority. A comprehensive health management system helps to ensure that employees remain healthy and productive.


Social Involvement

REWE Group is committed to promoting good health and education in society and supporting socially disadvantaged people – particularly in those areas where the company is active and where a link to its core business exists. In food retail, the areas of action “nutrition and exercise” are focal points. In travel and tourism, the company is committed to improving social living conditions in holiday destinations.